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Manuscript Guidelines

HRM Incorporated—Publishing Division accepts submissions from both authors and literary agents. HRM Incorporated—Publishing Division retains the right to accept or reject any submissions, without giving reason for rejection.

In an order to cut down on emissions, we only accept manuscripts submitted online. Currently, we will be selecting submissions sent to publish@hrminc.net. Your submissions should include an inquiry letter (one page in length), the first twenty (20) pages of your manuscript and a summary of the rest of the manuscript. Please attach your manuscript (in a pdf format) to the email. If your manuscript aligns with our company, we will contact you for more information.

The response time for Manuscript review is one (1) to three (3) weeks from the time of receipt. If you do not hear from us in that given time, please re-query.

The Guidelines for the Submission of the Manuscript are as follows:

- First Page

o Place your name and contact in the upper left side of the page [Single spaced]

o Place the genre and word count in the upper right side of the page  [Single spaced]

o A third of the way down the page place the title (in all caps) [make sure this is centered]

o Two lines below the title, place the word “by” [make sure this is centered]

o Two lines below the word “by” should be your pseudonym or author’s name [make sure this is centered]

- Body

o Begin the body of the chapter four to six lines below the chapter title

- General Guidelines:

o 1” margin on all sides

o The body of work should be double spaced

o Don’t number the title page. Start numbering on the first page of the book (usually the introduction, prologue, or chapter one)

o New chapters should begin on new pages

o Begin the header on the second page of the manuscript

o Use a header on each page (includes the name, title of your novel in all caps, and the page number)

o Start each new chapter on its own page, starting 1/3 of the way down the page

o The chapter number and title should be in all caps separated with two hyphens (i.e. CHAPTER ONE—CITY OF DREAMS)

o Double space the entire text

o Use standard 12-point font in Courier, Ariel, or Times New Roman

o Double check grammar, spelling, etc.

o Send it digitally

HRM Incorporated—Publishing Manuscript Guidelines (Step 1)