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Self-publishing made simple

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Online Press Kit, Media Kit

Book Teaser or Trailer

Author Video

HRM Publisher’s Author Website

Custom Book/Author Website

Ad Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo!

Award Submissions

Media Mail Bookmarks/Postcards/other printed ads  with QR codes


You have had it copyedited, printed and bound.  HRM Publishing Division has distributed it to 39,000+ libraries and retailers.  How do I get my book in front of the masses?

Boasting Opportunities




There are many awards open to the self-publisher. Book awards are one way in which the author’s book can be discovered.  A book with an award stands out in the crowd,  can create interest in your book, and give a seal of excellence that even a great review can’t compete.  When you win or get placed, you can say you are an “award winning author.”  An award adds credibility and gives readers, reviewers, and publishers the assurance a book is worthwhile to read.  You should have a goal to make this a part of your marketing strategy.


Social media is a marketing mechanism that many are choosing to use based on the number of people that utilize these options.  Options such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, Bing and Yahoo! are used everyday by millions of people.  Wouldn’t you want your book to be seen by these individuals, on a platform that host so many?  You can also begin to build an email list, via this option, to keep them informed of your up and coming projects as well.  This is probably the most cost efficient and effective mode of advertising your book.  Let us help you spread the news about your book!  

Let’s brag about your book !

It’s also good for an author to have a website which highlights their books, possibly what’s coming soon and a bio, so people can know who you are.  The media kit, newsworthy items and announcements and possibly a blog are featured here.  This is the best way for an author to be contacted.  Some choose to have a website about a particular book that is being marketed.

Marketing Options Explained

Any time you launch a new service or product or host an event, you'll want to get the word out about it!  The online press kit will help you streamline your promotions.   Keeping all of your information together in one place makes it easy to reference when you need it, and making it accessible online greatly simplifies the jobs of the people you want to cover your news .


This method of marketing still works.  Visual representation continues to grab the attention of the recipient.  A postcard through direct mail, a bookmark distributed with your book, and other printed ads with QR codes can still provide a high return on investment.  The creation and distribution of direct mail campaigns can bring an awareness to your book by those who may not have seen it online.  QR (Quick Response Code) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that contain information about your book.  An individual can scan the QR code with their imaging device (camera/scanner) and receive immediate information about your book.   These prove to be very useful.

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